Whatever the size of their company, it takes more than a day's work for an entrepreneur to run their business. ‘Merely existing’ and ‘the issues of the day’ are commonly used terms. But do you also take the time to consider questions and dilemmas that really matter? Issues that affect the long-term success of your company and of yourself as an entrepreneur? And do you still really enjoy running your own business?

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    No doubt you will be able to identify with one of the following questions:


    • How successful am I as an entrepreneur?

    • Where can I find a good coach – a fellow entrepreneur – who understands me?

    • Expansion or reorganization – are those the options for the future?

    • How can I ensure continuity and improve profitability?

    • Is my company sufficiently innovative or will I miss the boat?

    • How can I arrange the company takeover or where can I find financing?

    • Why are my staff not doing what I ask of them?

    • Where do I want my organization to be in a few years’ time?


    These are just some of the questions that apply to the entrepreneurs we speak to every day. Although running a business is rewarding, it is also difficult enough and entrepreneurs are often on their own. Are you looking for someone who sees the big picture, can help you make the right connections, and isn't afraid of holding a mirror to you or coaching you? To enable you to get back the time and freedom you need to do what you're good at? Don't look any further but ask for a no-obligation consultationtoday










Our strength lies in staying focused, in control, and on track!


We give you back peace of mind and pleasure in running your business. We basically supervise the entire process from strategy development to implementation. Thanks to our proven integrated approach, geared towards your business and market, we can go that extra mile. Our aim is to bring strategy to life within your organization. We help you create company or investment plans, lend a helping hand where needed, and look further than the conflict when it comes to business-related disputes. We provide a service based on facts and analyses, without assumptions, and with a pragmatic mindset. You'll no longer have to go it alone

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    As Chartered Strategists, we have considerable experience in entrepreneurship and are trained and equipped to help you. Coaching, the Business Model Canvas, the Blue Ocean Strategy, the Quickscan, and interim management are just some of the instruments and methods we use to support you.


    Strategy is an art! Our work is under constant development. Every day we work on updating our methods and processes, in order to help you, the entrepreneur, become even more successful. We can rightly say that Chartered Strategists are a mark of quality! So that you know exactly what you can expect of us.


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Chartered Strategists form nationwide associations and have unlimited access to relevant areas of expertise. Chartered Strategists have an appropriate approach for any business-related question. Chartered Strategists look at your company from a different perspective, stand with both feet firmly on the ground, and will give you an honest answer, either as a coach or as a sounding board. All based on the conviction to help you develop and become successful as an entrepreneur.





Please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail. You can also send a message with the form provided. We are always happy to assist you.





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